Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where to find me

Did you think I'd sneak off without letting you know where to find me?

Hell no.

I'm at

It may be a while before the regular parties start, what with all the shifting of furniture and redecorating to be done, but do drop in if you're in the neighbourhood. Always happy to stop for a chat.

Long time no post

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of me...

Well I'm back in blogland, and there's been a lot of changes since I was here last. Yes, the same changes that have kept me occupied elsewhere. It's a long story and not a nice tidy one that has a satisfying resolution; suffice to say the end result is a change in focus for me. Or perhaps, a sharpening focus would be more apt.

The net result: this blog will shortly be closed down and I'll be firing up a new one. Or two. I'll be reposting some of the entries that have appeared here, suitably updated, expanded or revised, of course.

For now, signing off at Fantasy Romance.