Saturday, August 30, 2008

The audience yet to come

Hi there.

I'm new to blogging so I hope you'll bear with me. Of course, that presumes there's actually someone out there reading this. Someone interested in what I have to say.

As a writer I operate on that assumption all the time; I'm usually writing for the ghost of the audience yet to come.

One of the reasons I've never blogged: I wasn't sure I'd have anything to blog about. In hindsight, that seems ridiculous. If I didn't have anything to say, I wouldn't be a writer.

Being a writer is about communicating. Communicating hopes. Fears. Dreams. Raising your voice. At least, that's what it means to me. I'd love to hear what it means to you.


Kirsty C said...

Bwahaha. The first person to comment on AJ's blog...ever! This will one day be my claim to fame.

Welcome to the blogosphere. Looking forward to what you have to say.


AJ Macpherson said...

Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Tracey O'hara said...

AJ - welcome to the world of blogging and if you can't rely on your go-gos to comment - who can you rely on :o)

Have fun wordy girl!!!

Erica said...

Welcome to the blogosphere ;) there is no escape...

For me, being a writer is about shedding your fear.

Stand up. Be heard. Show off. Refuse to dumb down or hide just so others won't feel uncomfortable.

Say what you have to say, and when people shout you down or retort, 'you can't say that' -- just yell it louder.

Above all, say it with colour and verve and personality. And if in the end, I've made even one person smile, or laugh, or think -- then I've done A Good Thing.


AJ Macpherson said...

More visitors, excellent.

Thanks Tracey for stopping by, nice to see you here.

And thank you Erica for sharing your thoughts on being a writer. Anyone who knows you also knows you're a great example of shedding fear and standing up to be heard.

Erica's comments got me thinking, though, about that dirty little secret at the heart of writing: fear.

It turns out I've got something to say about that.