Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two magic little words

The End.

That's right, I reached that sweet spot where those two magic little words go in my manuscript. I've had my head down, making words on the WIP and the story's essentials have now been laid down. Yes, I know I haven't had anything to say here for a while; all the word energy has been focused elsewhere.

So that's the first draft done and I basked in the sense of achievement for, oh, let's say a day. It was great.

And now the real work (and the real fun) begins: revising.

Bring it on. I'm looking forward to it.

No, really. Although telling the story has always been my passion, as I learn more about the craft I get more and more excited at the opportunity to dig back in to a manuscript. I want to get hold of those languishing tattered bits and tidy them up; I want to peer into the holes and work out what is needed to fill them.

And I can't wait to find the hidden gems lying unpolished and overlooked in dusty, forgotten corners. It will be my pleasure to cut and polish those, and hold them up to the light so they sparkle.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Yay congrats AJ on those two wonderful words. Have fun revising.

Erica said...

Yay! Go you!

Now get on with it :)

Rachael Johns said...

Fab news AJ! And can I just say how VERY, VERY jealous I am!! I'm about 4k away and just seem stumped!!!

Good luck on the rewrites!

Tracey said...

YAY AJ - can't wait to see this one - love ya!