Monday, September 1, 2008

What will my mother think?

Kirsty and Erica get the blame for kicking this one off, as their comments dragged another aspect of fear kicking and scratching out into the light.

The fear of what someone else will think presents a hurdle to most writers. It can take the shape of trying to write something you don't love because you think it will sell. It can take the shape of censoring the words you put on the page. It can even stop you from writing at all.

Writing fantasy romance means I have characters falling in - and making - love. Yes, sex. Hot, steamy, inhuman sex - and what will my critique partners think when they read that bit where he...? What will my frends think? And oh, my stars - what will my mother think?

My mother thinks my sex scenes rock.

Don't be afraid, because fear in witing will make you dishonest. If you aren't writing what you love, if you aren't letting your voice shine through then you are cheating your readers. You are cheating yourself.


Erica said...


I haven't quite braved the mother test yet, not with the hot stuff ;) I'll have to wait until it's published.

She did read one fantasy story of mine, though.

Quote: 'I can't believe I'm reading a story about a talking lizard! ... but it's good!'

It did have lizards. Big ones, in dinner suits. Out of mum's comfort zone for sure. So go for it, mum. You rock. Next stop, hot fairy sex ;)

AJ Macpherson said...

Erica, I want to read the one with the talking lizards in dinner suits.