Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Promotion or presumption?

My lovely and talented friend Dana just posted a blog over at Bootcamp on how attending the conference makes it easier to see yourself achieving your writing goals. This touches on the ‘other stuff’ that goes with aiming to be a published author, getting your name and your work out there.

Which raises the question: Is this promotion or presumption?

It’s been on my mind lately. One of my critique partners, Tracey (who just signed a 3 book deal, awesome work!) returned from the Romance Writers of America conference in San Francisco with the intel that establishing a web presence was essential for any aspiring author. Well, I sort of knew that; I guess I just needed to hear it that magical thousandth (ten-thousandth?) time.

So why hadn’t I done it?

It seemed, well, presumptuous. A bit like this blog. I mean, who cares, right?

I do. And you should.

Writing is my profession, and my website and blog are ways of advertising this. No one would question it if I sold insurance, cleaned carpets or manufactured dog toys. Actually, if I did any of those things as my job and waited until after I’d sold something to advertise, you’d think I was crazy. Stupid, even.

Think about that. And even if you aren’t an award winner yet, or your manuscript is not quite ready, get going on your blog, your business cards and your website. No time like the present.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic article! You've motivated me! Thanks, Dana

AJ Macpherson said...

Hi Dana,

Just returning the favour :-)

Kirsty C said...

I don't think it's presumption so much as positive thinking.

The publishing industry is hard. It can be crushing. But you need to keep the faith alive, and one of the ways to do that is through small acts that remind you of what you want and why. Blogging can provide that. It's a bit of 'fake it 'til you make it' and 'build it and they will come' stirred in together.

Plus, as a woman wearing such learned glasses, I'm ALWAYS interested in what you have to say...about anything!

AJ Macpherson said...

It's just the glasses. Really.

That's an interesting take on it, Kirsty, I hadn't thought of it as positive thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.